Art, craft, gifts and stationery

AT  Antique Shop
CA Celf Aran Arts: Local and handmade. Gallery and shop
DD   Deryn Du
DR Draig Dipsy Dragon: Ceramics, art, gifts & cards
EA Eleanor’s Attic
GG  Guinevere Gifts
GD  Gwyndy: Clothing, gifts & tea shop
 HP  Hospice
JP JP Hardware & Kitchen Shop
K1 Knit One Wool Shop
LH Lighthouse Clothing & Gifts
 LL Lou Lou Purple Craft Supplies
 MD Medi Anrhegion/Gifts
 RC Red Cross
 RG  Remade Guitars
RI Riva: Clothing & Gifts
SC  Scotts: Jewellers
SB Siop Brics: Sweet & Ice Cream
SF  Siop Flodau: Flowers
SH  Siop Hughes: Dillad/Clothing
SY   Siop Y Cymro
WW  W D Wilkins: Newsagents
WL Waterloo Studio Gifts